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Club Charter (MUST READ)

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Club Charter (MUST READ)

Post  brettbstock on Wed Sep 12, 2012 6:39 pm

PHS Anime Club Charter


The PHS Anime Club provides a method for PHS students to watch Japanese animation, and engage in discussion concerning the culture and differences in society, as well as other aspects.
ARTICLE I: Name and Purpose

The PHS Anime Club was created for the purpose of discussing various aspects of Japanese culture and animations.

ARTICLE II: Member Qualifications and Etiquitte

In order to join the PHS anime club, the applicant must be enrolled at Poquoson High School. PHS faculty and students must have a friendly mind set when dealing with other members of the club. Be polite and respect other's opinions. Any behavioral procedures listed in the Student Code of Conduct will also be enforced. In order to apply for membership, an applicant must receive an application from Mr. Nieves, or the club president. The application must be filled out completely before an applicant is allowed to attend meetings. Please remember that we reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone who we have a legitimate reason to suspect of joining with the intent to disrupt the club, or cause harm to members.

Any member found to be intentionally disrupting club activities will be removed from the club for a period of no less than 2 weeks, but no more than 5 depending on the infraction incurred. For the second offense, a period of no less than 3 weeks, but no more than 9. For the third offense, the member will be removed from the club entirely for the remainder of the school year. In addition, depending on the severity of the infraction, you may be referred to the administrative department.

ARTICLE III: Faculty advisor

The faculty advisor is present in order to ensure a safe environment for the members of the club. The advisor may be allowed to vote on club matters in the event of a tie. In addition, the Faculty Advisor has the final say as to whether a proposed change to this Charter passes or not. This is to ensure all aspects of the charter follow school rules as closely as possible.


No dues are required to join. However, dues may be collected for a separate club event. These dues, however, are not mandatory to be a member, but they will be necessary to attend the event. Please note that all events outside of the PHS building are not overseen by, or the responsibility of, Poquoson High School.

ARTICLE V: Meetings

Meetings will be held once a week on Wednesday from 2:05-3:10. The schedule for meetings will be as follows:

Meeting Schedule

2:05 PM - Club meeting begins. Attendance is taken, and announcements are made regarding the club.

2:15 PM - The main event for the day begins. This main event can be anywhere from planning an event hosted by the club, discussing changes to the charter, or watching Japanese Animation.

2:45 PM - The main event ends, and the secondary event begins. The secondary event can either be a continuation of the main event, or a different event altogether.

3:00 PM - Discussion of next week's plans

3:10 PM - Club disbands

Meeting dates and times are subject to change without prior notice.

ARTICLE VI: Rules of Order
1. Be respectful.
2. Be Polite
3. No swearing/cursing/foul language.
4. Leave the room exactly as you found it... In other words, no trash on the floors.
5. Remember... You're in a school. Don't discuss R+ animes.
6. The PHS staff and/or faculty advisor has the right to postpone a meeting, or cancel it altogether
7. Be sure you have a ride home after meetings

ARTICLE VII: Amendment Procedure

Changes to this document can be made by a vote from the club members. A change will first have to be proposed by a member or the faculty advisor. It will then pass upon receiving votes equal to two-thirds of the total number of members in attendance. The motion will then be presented to the faculty advisor for final approval. Changes can include, but are not limited to; the addition or removal of articles to the charter, changes to the aforementioned articles, or reverting to an earlier version of the charter. A special procedure will be used for changes to article VI: Rules of Order. For changes to this section, a proposal may only be made by a member who has been in the club for at least 5 weeks. Then, the motion will be presented to the club as a whole, who will then vote to pass it. The proposal must reach a total of three fourths of the members present voting in favor. The proposal is then reviewed by the faculty advisor, who gives final approval.


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Re: Club Charter (MUST READ)

Post  Discord on Tue Sep 18, 2012 8:34 pm

Don't forget Hetalia which is very useful for learning countries and past relations.


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Re: Club Charter (MUST READ)

Post  brettbstock on Tue Oct 02, 2012 4:21 pm

Charter updated Tuesday October 2 at 3:21 PM.

Re-wrote a few sections, so please go back and re-read when you get the chance.



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Re: Club Charter (MUST READ)

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